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"Tree" 106x140cm 42x55in canvas 2012

"Things to Come" 106x140cm 42x55in canvas 2012

detail of "Things to Come" 106x140cm 42x55in canvas 2012

"Tree 2" 142x216cm 55x84in canvas 2012

Cast of Characters

canvas 74x 104cm 2020

Multiple Identities

canvas 72x102cm 2020

Juggling the Demands

canvas 74x104cm 2020

Stories We Tell Ourselves

canvas 74x1004cm

"Migrators" 106x140cm 42x55in canvas 2013

"Brief Encounters" canvas 2012, 140x213cm 83x55in

"Klotzen Statt Klekken" canvas, 2015 106x140cm 42x55in

"Telling it Like it Is" canvas 2017 213x140cm 83x55in

"Day of Small Beginnings" 71x100cm 28x39.4in canvas 2016

"Going Viral" 106x140cm 42x55in canvas 2018

"Portrait of K.T." 2016 canvas 72x100cm 28x40in

""Am Rande der Gesellschaft" canvas 71x100cm 28x39in canvas 2018

"Des Pieds de Nez" canvas, 106x140cm 42x55in 2017

been there, done that...

"Orchestrators" canvas 140x213cm 83x55in 2017

Contre Toute Illusion

71x100cm 28x39in canvas 2015

In Their Own Right

71x100cm 28x39.4in canvas 2017

"Nägel mit Kopf" canvas, 72x100cm 28x40in 2019

"Chercher Ailleurs" 71x100cm 28x39in canvas

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