The Days of the Years canvas 2019 100x72cm 40x28in

Paul Facchetti writing on Prychodko exhibition brochure Zürich 1980

"Heads or Tails" 140x106cm 55x42in canvas 2012

Peter Nathan , Galerie Nathan, writing on Prychodko exhibition monograph 1987

"Hearts and Minds" canvas 100x72cm 40x28in 2017

""Rose Garden" canvas 213x140cm 84x55in canvas 2014

detail of "Rose Garden" 216x142cm 85x55in canvas 2014

"Face to Face"canvas, 216x142cm 85x55in 2013

"Questions and Answers" 140x106cm 55x42in canvas 2015

"Puppetmasters" canvas 140x106cm 55x42in 2012

"Kickstarters" canvas, 216x142cm 85x55in, 2012

"At First Glance" 140x106cm 55x42in canvas 2012

"Shibboleth" canvas 140x106cm 55x42in 2012

"Acting Out" canvas 140x106cm 55x42in 2015

"Über Seinen Schatten Springen"140x106cm 55x42in Canvas 2015

"Thinking Twice" canvas 2011 140x106cm 55x42in 2011

"Portrait of J.& C." 140x106cm 55x42in canvas 2014

"Between You and Me" canvas, 100x72cm 39.4x28in, 2015

"My Tongue is the Pen" canvas 100x72cm 40x28in 2018

"Portrait of W. K." canvas 2016 100x72cm 40x28in 2016

"Larger Than Life" canvas 2018 140x106cm 55x42in

"Gelackmeierte" canvas 2012 140x106cm 55x42in, 2012

"The There and Then" canvas 2012 140x106cm 55x42in 2012

"Putting Two and Two Together" canvas 140x106cm 55x42in 2017

"Une Vie Epanouie" canvas 100x72cm 40x28in, 2018

homo homini lupus

"Homo Homini Lupus" canvas 2018 213x140cm 84x55in, 2017

"Day by Day" 100x71cm 39x28in canvas 2016

"Worlds Apart" 141X100cm 55x42in canvas 2018

canvas 2012, 213x140cm 84x55in

"Tree 3" 140x106cm 55x42in canvas 2012